Why do I have an itchy tattoo

itchy tattoo

Why do I have an itchy tattoo?

The main reason your tattoo is itching is because it’s healing. Your tattoo may itch, during the first few weeks of the healing process especially. However much the temptation to scratch during the tattoo healing process, scratching the tattoo is not recommended as this may affect the overall appearance of your tattoo. Picking or rubbing at your tattoo may also reduce the tattoo’s quality. While the tattoo is healing, scar tissue can form due to disrupting the tattoo. It is the norm for a tattoo to become very itchy especially during the healing time. A good idea can be to slap the tattooed area to relieve the itching, yes it stings, but the area will no longer feel itchy. You may also apply body lotion over the tattooed area to get relief, however, please avoid Vaseline products or over application of lotions, as applying too much creams or lotions to your tattoo can make the scab turn mushy. This then hardens to a larger crusty scab when it dries out during sleeping.

Your normal skin care products and lotions that you may have been using up till now may not be safe after you get a tattoo on your body. You may need to consider changing your shampoo, lotions, soap & creams if your regular products contain ingredients that are unsuitable which can lead to irritations. Items that include a fragrance should also be avoided, take care to read the labels. A good tattoo artist will make recommendations on the best types of products to use or may even have some for sale. Please see our tattoo shop for a range of creams that you may find suitable.

Another important aspect is the type of clothes you choose to wear. Ideally, you need to select soft fabrics that will not rub or chafe the tattooed area too much. Doing so will help prevent your tattoo from scabbing and itching. Also select clothes that reduces excessive sweating as this may also damage the tattoo.

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