Neck Tattoo – Female

female neck tattoo designs

Something that is becoming quite popular at the moment are neck tattoos for women. If you get something small tattooed on your neck it can be easily covered up with hair if required. Larger neck tattoos can also be covered up buy it can be a little harder depending on placement and hair length. Women like to get a number of various neck tattoo designs inked and some can be fun or flirty. Yet other women prefare a tattoo that has some special significance to them. No matter the reason or design you choose, it should always be something you love, rather than a spur of the moment decision or that its not quite what your looking for but closest you have found so far.
Neck tattoo healing is a big point to make here as you need to remember that each time the head moves, the skin of the neck will be pulled. This can have an effect while the neck tattoo is scabbed over, so it might be best staying away from activities that require a lot of head movement while it heals.