Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare

Your tattoo is now YOUR responsibility, and it is important that you follow this advice. Remember, looking after your tattoo for the initial six weeks will determine how the tattoo looks for the rest of your life.

Remove dressing after 2 hours and wash with hot (As hot as you can stand it) water and mild soap. pat dry, (do not rub with towel) and apply a very small amount of antiseptic cream (available from us.)

Reapply the cream 2/3 times a day, but always wash the old cream off the skin first to avoid clogging the pores, and never over apply the cream.

A light scab or “top” will form on a new tattoo after a couple of days. You risk infection, If you pick or scratch the scab, scarring, and removing pigment from your tattoo.

Sunbathing (and sunbeds!) needs to be avoided for 2 weeks, and for a further month you must cover the tattoo with a total sunblock, (available from us) or a patch if you must get a tan. Exposure to UV is the best way to prematurely fade a tattoo.

If a Clients employment is of a dusty or dirty nature then we would recommend the newly tattooed area be covered with a dry, light gauze bandage for the first 4 days (take it off after work!)

Avoid dirt, grease, paint, rust, oil, industrial cleaners, raw meats, caustic substances, creams, ointments, or cosmetics except those already recommended. Do not put Vaseline on your tattoo.

Do not soak tattoo in a bath (Quick showers are OK) go swimming, use saunas, or Jacuzzis until your tattoo is healed. Usually within14 days.

It is very unusual for a tattoo not to heal quickly if hygiene methods follow recommended procedures .Should yours not be healing to your entire satisfaction, contact the studio immediately.

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