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Tattoo Prices UK

If you have already started to look around for tattoo prices, I would hazard a guess that your already thinking about getting a lower quality tattoo to match the money you have available. I would advise you to stop right there and consider that this piece of artwork is going to be permanent and to hold off until you have enough money put aside to get the quality your design deserves.

It is the tattoo artist that Sets the rate
Each tattoo artist sets their own rate and guidelines for their artwork and they price this in much the same way as a hairdresser would. In addition to you paying for the tattoo artists flair and quality, there will also be a local aspect to it such as business rates and local competition with other tattoo artists. Depending on the style of tattoo your after, the time required to tattoo it and the target body location you can better plan your tattoo by maybe having it completed over a period of time as funds become available without the need to sacrifice the quality of your piece.

There is a saying that you get what you pay for and this is true with the cost of a tattoo as it is with any other service industry or product. With a few exceptions where an artist has gained a reputation above the level of their artwork, you will find that the better the quality the more the cost. On that basis do not think about getting your body inked as soon as possible just to save yourself a few pennies. As they say, your body is a temple and worth getting the best for it, so baring this in mind, having a general idea how much tattoos cost, you can then make a plan and start saving your pennies. Doing it this way will also give you more time to fine tune the tattoo design and make it unique and personal to you.

cost off a tattoo

tattoo prices

As a rule there are generally three major factors that determine the cost of a tattoo and those are the tattoo artists skill, the time involved to tattoo the design and the products the tattoo artists uses to complete your artwork.

Although you can thumb through the yellow pages and try to ring around a number of tattooists for a guide price, this will not work in practice. The reasons are that the tattooist will need to see the artwork you have in mind to gauge how long it would take them to complete. The consultation with the tattooist will also with the design process of your artwork as they may be able to offer some insights into how it could be improved upon and how the lines flow based one the location of the tattoo.

Basic Considerations
Im going to go into more detail on underlying considerations which a tattoo artist would consider when providing you the cost of your tattoo.

It goes without saying that the larger the tattoo area you opt for the higher in price your tattoo will cost you. This is perhaps the biggest consideration when starting your design.

Custom or Flash
The more time you ask the tattooist to pour their creative juices into a custom design the more your going to pay. If however you have found yourself a piece of flash work already created that you long to have on your body, then you will certainly pay less for it than the custom piece.

Depending on the desired location you have for your tattoo, the artist may raise the price for one which is to be placed on a difficult location than for one which is an easier spot to tattoo.

The more complex your tattoo design the more the tattoo is going to cost. A custom piece of work with a lot of detail is always going to cost more than some piece of simple flash work from the tattoo studio wall.

Does the tattoo you have in mind have a lot of colours or is it black and grey? The black and gray option may bea serious consideration to you if your undecided if you want it in full colour and you have a limited budget as this is an asthetic thing rather than compromising on quality. As a rule of thumb the more colours incorporated in your tattoo the more the tattoo will cost, especially is the tattooist uses the more expensive coloured pigments that hold the colour better over time.

Explore Other Options
So you now have your quote from the tattooist and your in a position to decide if you want to book a slot with the tattooist or perhaps shop around and visit some more tattooists and see what they will quote. Maybe you dont have enough in your budget and need to go back to the drawing board and make adjustments to the complexity of the artwork or change the size to fit better withing your budget, al the while bearing in mind not to compromise on the quality, or better yet, save those pennies and wait until you can afford the tattoo you want.

Always keep in mind that to have the tattoo thats not what you really desired, removed later in life will be a lot more costly an option than the initial tattoo price.

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