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Couples Tattoos / Love Tattoos

Some couples like to show the people in their life the commitment they have made to each other by getting a love tattoo. There is a long history of tattoos for couples and there are many different ways to convey the message from funny to serious designs. There are many different directions that tattoos for couples will give yourself and your tattoo artist. Some ideas for these tattoos for couples range from love quotes, key and locks, wedding ring bands, hearts, names or just about anything else that the two of you find appealing.

Love Tattoos for Couples Ideas

Some couples will be looking for a timeless look for their love tattoos which can be achieved with bells or wedding rings. Tattoo ideas for this could be two silver bells with date of wedding and name or the same in matching gold rings with each ring containing the other persons name. Tattoos for couples with love quotes seem to be very popular at the moment. For instance the quote, “Together forever, never apart”, tattooed in full on both couples or half the quote could be inked on each of you. The word “Forever” also works well. A classic appear for tattoos for couples would be hearts, once again this can either be in full or half a heart each person. Once both partners have the heart tattooed on their body, additional finishing touches such as scroll work or flowers can be added.


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