Do Tattoos Hurt

This site has been set up to try and help educate and enlighten people with an interest in tattoos. Hopefully in time it will become a resource for all things skin art.

Do Tattoos Hurt?

That is a Question that gets asked time and time again when people are considering on having a tattoo and that is “Does it Hurt?” Well tattooists and long time ink addicts tend to forget how much it can hurt on the first time in the chair. Now as each person has their own pain threshold I will do my best here to educate,  inform and hopefully put some fears to rest


As I mentioned above, everyone has their own pain threshold and ability to withstand pain. For instance what I may say something was not at all painful where another may find it unbearable. A lot of people describe the feeling as a chicken scratch as we called them as kids. Most tend to say that the feeling was nowhere near as bad as what they thought it would be. But there are other things to consider apart from the pain felt when getting your first tattoo.

Tears and Faints

Passing out or crying are just some of the horror stories that one might hear when discussing having a tattoo with their peers. A common mistake can be a person not eating correctly before a tattoo causing them to have low blood sugar levels and increasing the chance of them passing out. Or that they have worked themselves up into such a state that they faint from the fear of the pain of being tattooed, but pain in itself is not usually the culprit for these occurrences. Tears on the other hand can occur when it just becomes too much for someone, maybe from having it in a sensitive place or a prolonged sitting. But let me assure you that those people are scarce and that you are not necessarily going to be one of those types of people.